Do you have a website for your business or service?

I’m guessing if you answered Yes, you have spent your money on setting up your virtual nook because you want to showcase your products or service to online buyers.
Perhaps you’ve even got your digital team to hook you up with Google Ads. But what are these potential customers going to see on your website? “We do Stuff “We offer speedy professional Stuff so choose us”? How do these browsers in your digital aisle know your company is an expert in its field?

What is your story? Why you should blog for your website and online presence.

Well, one way of making your company “real” to your audience is to strike up a conversation. Like you would in real life. If you meet someone in a shop and they provide you with useful information, in a way that makes you go “Yeah, that makes sense!”, wouldn’t that be your Go-To person whenever you visit that shop?

Writing Blogs for your website is a fantastic way to engage with web-surfers splashing around trying to find a service or product like yours. A blog is where you can share your experiences or opinions on related topics and offer free tips and advice.

Here are a few more benefits of blogging.

  • Blogs are Forever. Your blog is indexed by search engines like Google or Bing, which drives traffic to your website every time someone searches for “10 Tips to choose the Best Stuff”.
  • A well-written blog converts Visitors into Leads. You can include CTA (Call To Action) buttons like “Find Out More “, “Free Sample”, “Download Now” to urge your visitor to check out your services.- Blogs help to get your website found. Each time you add a blog, one more indexed page is created, and another opportunity for your website to show up in search engines.
  • Your company gains a voice when you post a blog. Imagine walking into a huge department store with uniformed, anonymous employees scurrying about everywhere. And then one smiling, very neat and approachable expert steps up “Hello, can I share my knowledge with you ?”

Blogging is very good for SEO

So, get blogging to offer visitors to your site essential USEFUL info that is interesting to read….and don’t forget to share your blog to your Social Media accounts.