Lynn of Hot Coffee Media has been working as a professional photographer since 2007. A series of photo-sessions for Imbo Magazine between 2010 and 2013 established Lynn’s editorial photo portfolio.

Find your nearest cape town photographer specialising in product photography. We take the very best product photos of anything. Trucks to lip balms.

Contact Hot Coffee Media today for the best website photography of stock photos for your website. We photograph anything you can think of.

Even with basic photo studio equipment we can create memorable and quality photos of your products.

Editorial photography is perfectly suited for lifestyle type photo-sessions for brands wanting to display their products on their social media feeds. Product photography of skin care brand Simply Bee is available on Wellness Warehouse website.

Photoshoot studios in cape town are few and far inbetween and offer anything from bare walls to setups with expensive and elaborate lighting. Hot Coffee Media’s photostudion in Zeekoevlei is a small space but well equipped with the best Elinchrom lighting.

We are the best commercial photography service provider in Cape Town. We offer professional headshots for small and big companies, startup businesses and anyone who is looking for a professional photo of themselves.

BubbleBath group comp

BubbleBath group comp