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Lynn is our main website creator and with 9 years in web development website building is second nature.

Hot Coffee Media started back in 2021 creating a website for free for our very first client using a free website builder.

At the best of times making a website can be a challenge and feel very overwhelming and in today’s day and age you really don’t have to try creating your own website. Most website development companies offer start up rates to client who wish to try it out first before they commit to anything.

WordPress websites offer the most cost effective and user friendly website development. It’s easy to integrate the wordpress website builder into your business startup plan. Get online today!

The Tiletoria website projecgt

The Tiletoria website projecgt

WordPress website builders have evolved from being basic cms-systems to the best website builder in 2021.

Hot Coffee Media is a web design company that is creating websites for businesses.

Free website making software is easy to follow but lacks the rich and reliable website experience that WordPress offers. Search Engine Optimizing is an important factor and can either make or break your marketing efforts.

Consistent agency web design can mean the difference between surviving for longer as opposed to shutting down too soon because your website doesn’t reflect the correct information.


Most web design software like Wix, Squarespace or Webflow is focussing only on allowing you creating own website. These website makers doesn’t offer an all in one service so your new website will lack mobile optimisation options. Search Engine Optimizing in a complex concept.  It is considered best practise when creating your website to get a professional website designer and website developer involved.

All website builders are considered the best free website builder but none of them can compare to a properly built website.

Most web development software comes as a ‘plug-and-play’ option, allowing you to get your business idea online in an instant.

But are you ready for all that work?

Hot Coffee Media specialise in ecommerce website designing. Just having a website for your ecommerce business is not enough.

So yes, you can build your own website but is that really sufficient when you consider all the variables in creating a website for your business. It needs to be built well enough to last your business at least 2 years.



So, before you decide to create your new website or event making your own website why not consider web developer portfolios. You will find plenty when you do a simple search online. Considering the cheapest website builder isn’t necessarily the best option for your business


Remember Hot Coffee Media when you are looking for a web designer near you specialising in custom themes.